Content curation for websites and blogs |

Content curation for websites & blogs

Enrich your websites and blogs with the best content for your target audience.
Find and publish high-quality curated content in minutes directly to your website.


Scale your content production

Complement your own content with curated content. Publish it easily to your website and drive consistency.

Skyrocket your brand’s credibility

You’re not?alone in your vision: share trusted experts’ content. Become known by influencers in your field.

Increase your traffic from search

The more content you publish, the more ranking opportunity you have. Provide internal backlink opportunities to your cornerstone content.

Discover the content you need in minutes

Put your content curation on autopilot.’s smart suggestion engine identifies trending content based on your keywords.
Rank it by popularity or freshness or?hone in on specific content formats, such as blog posts or news articles.

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Monitor your favorite sources

Monitor your favorite sources

Keep track of the content from your favorite sources. Organize them into groups. Easily manage and add news feeds. Create advanced custom filters to focus on your key topics.

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Publish content directly to your website in minutes

Create blog posts 4-8 times faster by annotating and publishing curated content on your website. lets you quote, edit, and enrich third-party content, and automatically publish the results to your site.

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Publish content in minutes directly to your website 

Integrate with WordPress easily

Easily integrate with WordPress

Turn each curated piece into a full-blown WordPress post with its own permalink. Content is automatically formatted?within a template to match your brand’s look and feel.

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