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Automated content distribution

Promote weeks worth of content on social or email in just minutes.
Skyrocket your reach with content marketing automation.


A tweet’s lifetime is only 20 minutes. Facebook pages’ organic reach is decreasing.

How can you make your content visible to more people? Content Director


Content marketing automation for ROI-driven?marketers.

Auto-schedule content for distribution across all your channels

Save time sharing any original or curated content from your website or blog.

Easily program its distribution to multiple social channels: corporate accounts and pages but also team members’ personal accounts.

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CMS synchronization

Instantly schedule content from your WordPress, Hubspot or Drupal blog or website for distribution.


Multi-channel distribution

Distribute to all your social channels in one click. Customize your posts and use images for greater engagement.


Smart scheduling

Our auto-scheduler will take it from there and share your content at the best possible times based on your goals.

Promote blog posts and resources multiple times

Sharing once is not enough. Only a fraction of your audience is connected any time you share to any of your social channels.

Reach your followers whenever they’re online by responsibly repeating your content over time and channels.

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Schedule new shares

Select any of your blog posts. Add new social updates to promote them repeatedly over time with just one click.


Visualize your distribution

See your distribution program at a glance across time and for all your social channels.


Prevent follower fatigue

Manage your publishing schedule responsibly to ensure you’re not over-sharing your content.


Extend the lifetime of your most successful evergreen content

Easily identify high-converting content based on data. Or tag content as evergreen.

Re-share it over social channels and email to amplify your publishing efforts and generate more traffic and leads.

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Identify content to re-share

Our contextual analytics will highlight your most successful content based on generated traffic, shares or leads.

Successful content

Replay your top hits by programming them multiple times over your content calendar.

Evergreen Content

Mark content as evergreen to easily retrieve it and reshare it to your social channels.

Leverage email distribution by creating newsletters in minutes

Create email newsletters through a simple drag and drop from your blog’s content.

Distribute through your existing email platform to subscribers for additional traffic, social media shares and leads.

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MailChimp integration

Our MailChimp integration allows you to export your newsletter created in Content Director directly in MailChimp as a campaign draft.


Marketing automation

To nurture and educate your prospects with the best content, export your newsletters to Marketo, HubSpot or other marketing automation systems.


Custom templates

Work with predefined templates and adapt them to your brand in a few clicks. Or build custom HTML templates to make your newsletters unique.

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